***Disclaimer: This post will feel undirected and unfocussed. It will probably seem very rough and unpolished. It’s nearly 02:30 am right now, so I hope you will forgive the brief, and unstructured nature of this post. Future posts will be more structured, but this one is more of an informal rant or discussion than it is a proper blog post. So sit back, relax, crack open that box of wine, get comfy in your favourite lawn chair and light up a cigarette. This won’t be pretty, but don’t we all have a bit of trailer trash in us?***

So I’m finally back. It might come as a total surprise or shock to those of you who read this blog. You probably thought I had given up or lost interest. To an extent, there is some truth in that. I realize that, while a lack of internet (more of that in a second) was a major reason in my failure to upload posts, it was far from the only one.

So where was I? Well the last post I made on this blog was near the end of June last year; roughly seven months ago. For a little over four of those months, I was in a perpetual internet blackout. The only connection to the web I had was the limited data on my smartphone. I got internet access back close to two months ago now. That and the month before my blackout leaves about three months that I could have been uploading to the blog. Hell, I could have uploaded via my phone if I really wanted to, but did I want to? Not really.

You see, my previous posts were merely a way for me to test the waters. To try this “blogging” thing out and see what all the fuss was about. At the same time, I was also trying to launch my Freelance Writing Career (which I am capitalizing for reasons unknown to me) as well as trying to finish my first novel (close, but still unfinished). I even did two extremely cringe-worthy YouTube videos (which are still up, but I will not link them here due to the aforementioned cringe factor). I was writing with the goal of not only testing the waters, but of also growing an audience. Now there’s nothing wrong with this goal, but I went about it the wrong way.

Instead of writing in my own style, I chose to write in a style that was more generic. I wrote in a style that was more popular amongst the big blogs out there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this style. It just wasn’t me. When I wrote, I wore a painted mask. I tried hard to be the upbeat, enthusiastic blogger. Sure I wrote about topics I cared about, but in an alien voice. Strangely enough, this small change killed some of the enjoyment of it all. In fact, it even kept me away from social media. My Twitter has been neglected for nearly as long as my blog. I want to change that.

I want to come back into blogging and Freelance writing. I want to grow my skill, portfolio and writing career whilst still being true to myself. From now on, I’m running this blog my way. I’m using my voice. Chuck Wendig does an amazing job of running his blog the way he wants it and using his own voice. I want that too. So that’s what  you’re getting from now on. This is me without the mask. This is me in my sweat-stained shirt, boxer shorts and worn slippers at 3 am. No makeup.

I will be trying to upload as regularly as I can. Expect similar topics and humour, but delivered in my own voice and style. Expect to hear a lot more from me. I know this post was nothing more than a quick, undetailed explanation of my absence, but it needed to be posted. I hope you’ll all stick around for the next one.