So you might have noticed that I recently updated the blog. Well I basically decided that it was right about time for me to take the damn thing seriously. So all these changes are basically my way of taking the blog to the next level. I looked at what other bloggers and online content-creators were doing and tried to learn from them. So what are these changes?

New Look

I gave the blog a new look. I was tired of the old design and it was basically just a clusterfuck on the front page. The new layout simplifies things nicely. I also changed the name and domain (as well as the logo). I named it “The Uncensored Writer” because I no longer want my blog linked directly to my identity. Instead I want it linked more to an ideal. Free speech and the ability to express yourself however you see fit (tons of swearing included). That is the theme and that is the reason for the name change

I especially like the sidebar. It’s way better than having everything at the bottom of the page. It also gives me a nice place to put up a weekly writing-related quote and a little widget that shows what I’m currently reading. And the Twitter feed option is just as good. Overall I like the user-friendly aspect of it all. And hey, the featured picture of the post actually fucking loads now! The front page just looks better.


What!? A schedule!? You’re damn right! I originally wanted to keep the blog spontaneous with a post on any random day of the week (usually 1 post per week only). Well that plan sucks and I have a new one. I’m setting up a schedule for all my posts. The “Posting-Schedule” is:

Mondays – Writing Advice
Wednesdays – Writing Prompts
Fridays – Opinion Pieces and Rants

Reviews are something I do sporadically and thus will not have a set day. They will be up on the first Tuesday or Thursday after writing them.

Blog News And Updates follow the same posting rules as reviews.

There is a page for the Schedule here if you ever want to check it again

.I will try to stick to the schedule as best as I possibly can, though I make no promises (life can be a bitch sometimes). This week, of course, is already halfway done, so the schedule will take effect from next week on Monday (6th of February 2017).


Quarterly Goals

I also have a page (here) where I’m going to be posting my personal goals of each quarter of the year. As each quarter ends, we’ll see just how well I did before changing the goals for the next quarter. Why quarterly, you ask? Simple.

I do it quarterly because not only is it simpler than monthly (as well as better for bigger goals), but I also don’t want to spam unnecessary posts every month. Four times a year is fine for me thank you.

Now you might also be wondering why I even made my goals public in the first place. Isn’t that something you keep to yourself? There’s something you need to understand about me. I’m a lazy piece of shit. Leave me alone for long enough and I’ll find a way to avoid doing any work if I can. Making the goals public makes me accountable. I face public humiliation if I don’t work at achieving my goals. It’s the perfect motivator!

Some people even fail to see why having set goals are necessary. Just let it happen, right? Well no. I want a way to somehow track my progress. I want to see tangible progress. If I don’t set goals that I actively work towards, this blog will almost certainly suffer for it.

So I hope that you can see now why I made these changes. I want to take this seriously. I hope you guys will enjoy the content and that you’ll stick with me through these changes. Now go write, ye damn lazy bums! *cracks whip*