So you might have seen my post detailing how I ended up killing my novel. For those of you interested, it was an epic fantasy novel. Now you might roll your eyes. Fantasy has been done to death! Hold your horses there, Jim! No need to get so upset…


Okay, so fantasy has been done a lot, I won’t argue that. However, that isn’t a bad thing. Fantasy is a great genre and has been my favourite since I could read. Why? Because, like Science Fiction, it has absolutely no limits on the imagination, and that’s great! Kinda…

You see, the problem is that many people just don’t know how to do fantasy well. The result is an avalanche of just horribly written fiction. Cliché, trope, and plot devices all come together and result in a veritable shit show.

Fantasy can be done well. It can. Just look at George R.R Martin’s series: A Song of Ice and Fire. Not only is the story great, but the world in which it happens is believable. It feels tangible. Many people don’t realize just how important that is.

Great fantasy can still be grand and epic in a believable Medieval World!

Now in order to create a fantasy world that is both real and engaging, you’ll need a few sources of information. Luckily, I have just that. Here are some of the main resources you can use when crafting your fantasy world (if you care about making it historically believable).

***Note that this focuses mostly on world-building, but I will include some things that help with story.***


Video Resources:

The Metatron – An Italian YouTuber who focuses on everything Medieval

Shadiversity – Another one of my favourite Medieval YouTubers

Skallagrim – One of the top Medieval YouTubers out there

M.KIRIN – A YouTuber that focuses on the art of writing, great for all genres

Travis McBee – Travis has a lot of writing-related content out there for you

Brandon Sanderson – Watch and learn as Brandon teaches you how to be a great writer


Text-Based Resources:

Medieval Life and Times – A great resource for a well-rounded look at Medieval Europe

Horses in Medieval Times [PDF] – Surprisingly important information

Medieval Warfare – More people need to read this before writing about war

Medieval Lifestyle – Another great well-rounded resource


Specific Articles:

10 Worst Misconceptions about Medieval Life in Fantasy Books

Short Rules for Developing Magic in your Fantasy Universe

Use Magic Creatively

Ultimate List Of Fantasy Clichés


This is just my personal favourite list of resources. If you have any more, let me know in the comments!