This week’s theme is Fantasy (check the sidebar for next week’s theme). Here are my 7 prompts for this week!

So making up prompts for something as broad as fantasy is no easy task, so forgive me if you don’t like any of these. It’s also the reason these are so short. Besides, I’m not forcing you to use them… *sticks out tongue*

***Disclaimer: All prompts are free to use by anyone. You may reproduce it and you may do whatever you want with it. Any and all work created that was inspired by these prompts will be the sole property of the creator and will not require anyone to credit me at all. This is entirely free and I allow anyone to use this for whatever purpose. If you do decide to credit me, I am very grateful, but know that it is not at all necessary.***

  1. A fantasy story where the protagonist is the one who wants to rule the world and the antagonist is a brave knight fighting against him.
  2. “I used to love magic. For years I dreamed of being a sorcerer. Then I met her…”
  3. He looked down at the sheer drop inches ahead. The sword against his back urged him on, though he took little not of it; he had no intention of trying to escape. “I wish I could die…” he said lazily before allowing his body to fall forward.
  4. The ruined city loomed ahead, a mere husk of its former self. The ruins seemed thousands of years old; scoured clean by rough desert sands. He gave a sigh. It was hard to believe; only a week ago it had been a thriving nation… A week ago for him, at least…
  5. A fantasy world where the king is chosen by combat. A new king has won the throne (your protagonist, perhaps). He will be the last.
  6. Your hero hunts for an artifact that will help them destroy the world. They want to use it to destroy the world in order to save it.
  7. “I died yesterday. It changed the world as we know it…”