Last week I posted an article on some great resources for Fantasy authors to use when building their fantasy world. Today, I’m going to be doing something similar, but for Freelance Writers/Bloggers.

As some of you may know, I’m a Freelance Writer as well as a blogger. As such, I have had to do tons of hours of research in order to  improve my work and style. Unfortunately not everybody has the time or patience to research and find all these resources themselves. So I’ve taken the liberty of providing my personal list of resources for Freelancers, but some of these things can be useful to fiction writers as well.

Here is my short list of some great resources for Freelancers!


Blogs You Should Read:


SmartBlogger – One of my favourite sites and one of the best out there for actionable advice


The Write Life – TWL has a huge number of contributors and is arguably one of the top blogs out there


ProBlogger – Definitely a must-read for bloggers out there looking to improve their marketing skills


Be A Freelance Blogger – Another great site for very actionable advice on blogging


Grammar Girl – A great resource for anyone looking to improve their grammar



Useful Online “App-sites”:


TweetDeck – Highly useful for anyone who has to manage more than 1 Twitter account


Buffer – A great site for scheduling your Tweets


PicMonkey – Excellent for editing images


CopyScape – Make sure that your work isn’t plagiarised


Who Pays Writers? – Useful to check out your client or to find clients that pay


MailChimp – Arguably the most popular email newsletter service out there


JournoPortfolio – An online portfolio-building resource – For those who want a more basic, professional looking portfolio



Online Job Boards:



Freelance Writing Gigs

Blogging Pro

Online Writing Jobs



Freelance Marketplaces

*** I will not include content-mills since I refuse to promote such sites. Even Marketplaces like these make me feel slightly uneasy, but I can see the value in it for some***





So there you have it. It is a short list, granted, but it has to be. Most Freelancers just don’t have the time to stretch themselves thin over multiple sites. I find a small selection works best.

Are there any resources you like to use that we haven’t included? Let us know in the comments!