So that’s a pretty controversial title, isn’t it? Well some might think so. If you’ve read much of my blog, you probably already know that I’m not afraid of being a little controversial at times. That’s why I decided that I would bust a very popular “writing-myth” today. I’m gonna say it, and I want you to say it with me…


Writer’s block doesn’t exist!


Whew… Feels good, doesn’t it?


So the basic idea of this article is to show that writer’s block is absolute bullshit. It doesn’t exist. It’s a coping tool to some, or an excuse to others. Whichever way you like to look at it, there is one simple fact that you cannot deny: Writer’s block is not real!

But why do I deny its existence? Why do I insist on it being a pile of bullcrap when so many people claim to be struggling with it? It’s simple really…

I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to help new writers and being told that “I want to write, I just have a case of writer’s block! Haha.”

No. No you don’t. You’re being a lazy writer and using a flimsy excuse does not make you seem like less of a lazy writer.

*gasp* “Did he just call people with writer’s block lazy?” *disgruntled rumbles of protest*


Yes. Yes I did. You don’t have writer’s block. You’re lazy. I challenge you to go look up any famous writer’s thoughts on it. If even the majority of the best writers out there agree with me, then I must be on to something, right? Writer’s block is the amateur’s way of getting away with not writing.

Want to know how the best of the best get to where they are? They sit down and write. They put their butts in their chairs and crank out one word after the other until they’re done. Then they edit. Not one of them whines about having “writer’s block” on twitter and then take a nap. No, they put in the work and then get the results.

Now you might be thinking “I honestly don’t know what to write about. I just have no good ideas.”

So what? You don’t have any ideas you like? Tough titties. Real writers don’t complain about having no good ideas. Real writers take even their crappy ideas and write/edit them to perfection. Real writers grind out the crappy pieces of work until they get new ones. They don’t wait for good ideas. They work until their good ideas come.

Hell, even just keeping a diary could help as long as you keep writing every day.

“But what if the ideas are super bad? Isn’t that a waste of time to write?”

Look, writing is like working out a muscle. You pump iron every day and after a few months (or years) you’re gonna look like a bodybuilder. Do you think that professional bodybuilders ever have days where they’re like “I have athlete’s block! I can’t work out today!” Of course not! They go to the gym and they work on it. That’s what you should do. You need to work on your writing every day to get good at it. Even if you feel like your current project is uninspired and even if it’s a dud in the end; if you put all your effort into writing something good, it’s never a waste of time!

Write on the good days. Write on the bad days. Just keep writing!

If you need some extra motivation, here, look at Neil Gaiman spitting truth!

When you can’t even think of any writing topics you like, keep writing. Keep making good art!

Don’t wait for your muse to come. Your muse is a flighty bitch that comes and goes as she pleases. Know what you gotta do? Go to your muse with a baseball bat and drag her back to your computer. Eventually she’ll get the message and show up when you need her. After that, she may even already be waiting for you when you get there.

You need to take action. Don’t wait for results.

But do you see where I’m coming from now? To be a good writer, you need to write. Complaining about your lack of ideas won’t get you anywhere. Sometimes you might fall and get hurt, but you just have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Nobody is going to do it for you. Only you can make yourself a good writer.

Writer’s block is an excuse used by lazy writers who don’t take writing seriously.

And if you’re truly stuck, why not look up some writing prompts and write a few short stories based on them? Hell, I give you guys seven prompts a week. That’s one for each day. I’m literally giving you something to write about for every day of the week. You have something to write about every day of the week. Stop making flimsy excuses. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don’t be lazy.

Don’t like my prompts? Don’t use ‘em! You are literally reading this using the internet. The INTERNET… You have access to most of human knowledge right at your fingertips. You could find some prompts you like. Just don’t come to me with the excuse of having nothing to write. You have tons to write about, you just don’t have the determination to actually do it.


Don’t be lazy. Take your writing seriously. You won’t get anywhere if you take it lightly.