So it’s been about just over a month since I made my last Blog Update. At the time, I had thought that I knew what I wanted from the blog.

I was wrong.

My blog has changed since then in a few ways. I think it’s finally coming into a shape that I’m happy with. It’s getting past the awkward teenage-puberty stage, and it might soon be in its final form. Anyway, I mentioned changes. There are a few,



I got rid of the page on my quarterly goals. I felt it was a little too “me-centred” for the blog. This blog is about you guys and how I can help you with your writing-related problems. Besides, I suck at sticking to quarterly goals…

The sidebar is more streamlined now. I got rid of the “What I’m Reading” thing for the same reasons as the goals page. Also I removed a few smaller things that were unnecessary. I kept the weekly motivational quote for you guys, though. Also I added a widget to show off all you lovely people. I want people to see the bloggers and people who regularly interact with the blog. Not to mention, it gives people a chance to check your blogs out, which is a win-win!


Social Media

Social media has become a new focus for me. While I still struggle to keep my Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest updated, I am working on it. There is a list of the icons on the side if you want to check them out. If going all the way to the right side of your screen is too much effort, here’s a handy list!

Facebook: The Uncensored Page, + a group for “Writing Experts” called Writing Gurus

Twitter: The Uncensored Twitter, + my personal account

Pinterest: My Profile, and The Uncensored Board

Instagram: The Uncensored Instagram


Yes, I can put “The Uncensored” before everything. No, I won’t stop.


New Additions To The Schedule

So I’m going to be trying to post every day from Monday to Friday. As you may know, I have a schedule set up for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I now want to fill up the Tuesday and Thursday slots.



I want to use Tuesdays for a new series of blog posts I intend to launch. It will basically be me teaching you how to write a fantasy novel from scratch. Why fantasy? Because it’s the genre I’m most familiar with. It would be unethical for me to do it with a genre I’m completely unfamiliar with. However, there will be nuggets of information that all writers can use, so feel free to check it out anyway! More information on this will come soon.



Thursdays will now be dedicated to grammar! That’s right, I’ll be giving grammar lessons to all of you! Why? Because I cannot stand seeing so many grammatical mistakes in the writing of others. However, I know that I’m no saint. That is why I want to do this. I will be researching and then teaching. This means that not only do you guys get some practical advice, but I learn as well (which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while). You don’t need excellent grammar to be a good writer, but having a good understanding of the language you’re writing in can only help!



So I haven’t made a huge fuss about it, but I guess it warrants a quick mention anyway… I set up an email newsletter that you can now sign up for! It contains a bunch of bonus content as well as a weekly roundup of the blog posts. I will also be running competitions through it, so you could win some cool stuff! You can sign up here!



You read that right! I am now hosting a podcast for all of you! The podcast will be available on both SoundCloud and YouTube. I decided that I want to engage a bit more with you guys. Not to mention, I want to make some extra content for all of you that didn’t entail reading. Don’t get me wrong, reading is great! But sometimes you just don’t have the time for that.

On the podcast we will be discussing everything related to the art and craft of writing. From advice, to rants, to general discussion topics. I recorded and released a short “test-episode” earlier this week just to get my feet wet. You can find it here! The subsequent episodes will likely be longer and more varied in topic. I also set up a Patreon page for the podcast if you want to support it!


All in all, the changes were both small and quite substantial. I think that’s good. It means that the blog is finally settling into its final form. Small changes to streamline it and bigger changes to just fill out the empty gaps. I have no doubt that there will be more changes in the future, but they will likely grow smaller and smaller as time goes on.

If you have any questions about the changes, feel free to ask in the comments!