So I recently realized just how hard it is to create a good list of prompts from scratch on any given topic that you guys could actually use. So, instead of trying (and failing) to do that, I’m going to rather gather up a few prompts online and put them here. Think of it as me “curating” prompts online every week for you to enjoy.

They won’t be themed anymore either, because it would run the risk of not being inclusive enough. I want everyone to feel like they can come to the prompts and potentially find something great.

Of course, none of these are my own, unless otherwise stated.


  1. I saw my reflection blink so I smashed the mirror… Big mistake…
  2. He is a hitman for the supernatural. Sometimes ghosts just need a little revenge in order to rest in peace.
  3. “Can anyone tell me why this coffee tastes like apples?”
  4. She died doing what she loved: swearing profusely.
  5. As you start to fall asleep alone in your bed, you feel someone’s warm breath against your ear. “Good Luck,” they whisper.
  6. They say I’m a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know, is I did what I had to do…
  7. An extra hour occurs just after midnight. Only a handful of people can experience it. It’s called the “Dark Hour”.


Which of these do you like the most? If you have any good prompts or places to find prompts, let me know in the comments!