I know I did a template last week, but I think that this will be the last one. While it is important to understand your world inside and out, you should not neglect what the story is really about: the characters.

This template was inspired by the DeviantArt user named Droemar, so feel free to go and give some love over there.





Pretty obvious. First, middle, last and nicknames go here.

Home Country:

Another obvious one.


Age at the start and end of the novel (at least estimate it)


Colour, length, style, thickness, etc.


Colour, size, usual expression (serious, playful, etc.)


Ethnicity for humans, actual race name for fantasy races.


No specifics here, actually. Try to describe it the way someone would describe the character to a friend (if they had seen them on the street or something).


If you don’t know what one is, I suggest you research it. It’s useful to know what role your characters play.

Weapon of Choice:

What weapon do they prefer, and why?


Things they enjoy. Feel free to add as much as you want.


Things they absolutely don’t enjoy. Ditto the above.


What are they trying to (personally) accomplish throughout the story? What drives and motivates them?


What are their rules for magic? Can they use magic? What are they willing to do with magic? Everything related to magic and character go here. Don’t explain the magic system, that should have been covered in last week’s template.


Subplot is what happens during the main plot. Does this character save the world while also falling in love? Do they discover the truth about their parents? Do they find out their friend’s true identity? All these are subplots. List them here!

Hobbies/Fun Time:

What does your character do for fun? What is it that helps them relax in their free time?


I’m talking real character flaws here people. Having bad hair isn’t. Hell, even having no legs isn’t a flaw. Flaw does not equate disability. If your character struggles to form meaningful relationships or is a compulsive liar, that is a flaw. Flaws come from within and they usually should see some progress towards being “fixed” by the end of the book.


What motivates them to complete their goals? What drives them? Parents never believed in them? Trying to prove a point? They have a friend’s life to save? Why do they do what they do?

Out of Ordinary:

What makes the character stand out? Is it their brash personality? Their skill with a sword? Their inability to walk outside without checking that their appearance is absolutely fabulous? Name one thing (or two if you want) that makes this character really memorable.


What advantage do they have over others? A soldier has the advantage over commoners by having had training and combat experience. A noble has the advantage of money and probably education. What gives your character an edge?

Scared Most By:

Basically, what is their greatest fear/phobia?

Greatest Accomplishment:

What are they most proud of?

Greatest Regret:

What would they consider to be their lowest moment?


What can and can’t they do? This is especially useful. Likely a noble stuck in the wilderness won’t know how to set up camp and build a fire, but they might be very educated about the are due to reading. Know what your character’s abilities are.


What is their backstory? What brought them to this point (where they are introduced in the novel)?


I hope you guys enjoyed this template. I’ll likely be moving away from templates from next week onwards. But now you have no excuse to not have some worldbuilding and characterbuilding done before you start writing.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!