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I’ve spoken before on how, if you just keep at it, you will definitely be successful. I talked about how you just have to make sure that you never give up and that you constantly push to succeed. But what does it really mean to succeed?

By most people’s standards, to be successful is to have more money than you need in a house that’s too big for you and to be known in circles outside your own. While you might agree with this, I have a different idea when it comes to success.

When I imagine myself as being a successful writer, I don’t imagine money like J.K. Rowling has. In fact, I don’t even want to be in a particularly high bracket of income. I’d be perfectly happy in a middle-class income bracket making just enough for the things I need. I don’t even want a big house. Hell, I’d be happy with a small, two bedroom house with just enough of a yard in case I want to get a dog. So for me, success certainly isn’t about money.

And what about fame? Honestly, fuck fame.

I have no interest in being a celebrity (if even among writing/reading circles). I’d be perfectly content with just enough people interested in buying my books to help me make a living. I don’t expect to have fame and I’m fairly certain I don’t want it. Besides, my name doesn’t sound nice enough to become a household name anyway.


So what about prestige among the literary elite? Wouldn’t it be nice to be seen as a literary genius?

Ha! No thanks.

I don’t write high-literature. I don’t want to be seen as very literary either. I really don’t. I’m not the next Shakespeare or Dickens. I’m just a storyteller. I’m a guy who sits in front of his computer and tells a story. Nothing more.

So when I say I want to be a successful writer, I don’t mean I want to be rich or even well-off. I don’t mean I want fame and glory or to be a household name. I definitely don’t mean I want to be seen as someone who ranks among the literary elite.

No, I merely just want to live off of my writing. I want to make enough money off of my writing in order to do it full time, and that’s all. I guess when I made that post on how you’ll definitely be successful as a writer, I was thinking of my own version of success.

I shoot for the moon. If I hit it, I’ll be happy. If I miss, I’ll be among the stars. I can’t lose really.


How do you define your success?

Let me know in the comments!


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