I think it’s about the right time for me to write a very short post on the virtues of being stubborn. Yes, I said virtues.

Our society constantly berates anyone who is too stubborn; often calling them names like boar-headed or thick-skulled. While there are definite instances where being stubborn should be frowned upon, I believe that we, as artists, should strive to be so.

We’re artists. We sculpt and shape worlds into existence. We create intricate stories in universes unseen by anyone else before. We’re effectively playing at being a god.

But we’re not perfect.

We’re human and we make mistakes. We blunder. We trip and fall. We do supid things for stupid reasons. We overlook details and we miss flaws in the things we’ve made.

So what do you get when you play at god, but are so fundamentally flawed?

You get a creation that is flawed.

This would be fine if we didn’t also have the urge to show others our work. Other people will inevitably point out any and all problems you’ve made. This will feel horrible. This will make you feel like there was no point in ever trying. This will make you want to quit.



Be stubborn.

As an artist, you need to be stubborn. When people trash what you’ve made and you feel like quitting, you need to keep going. If you fall and scrape your knee, the best thing to do is to get up and keep walking. You need to keep going despite what others say. Nobody ever got good by remaining still.

So be stubborn.

When life tells you to just stay down because it’ll be easier, get up and keep going with that stubborn determination.

Let your boar-headedness work for you. Refuse to accept whatever crappy fate destiny seems to have given you and keep going. If you’re stubborn, it’s easier to keep going. If you’re not, you might find it difficult to dust yourself off and get back in the saddle.

Be stubborn, because not only do you deserve it, but your work does too.

Your work deserves to be good. Your work deserves to grow. Your work deserves to shine.

It never will if you quit.

Be stubborn.

You deserve it, and so does your work.