About a week ago, I ranted about why you should be kind to yourself and why you should take it easy on yourself. Today I’ll try a different approach.

You need to be hard on yourself.

And not just a little hard. You need to be the angry coach pushing the fat kid around the course for the thirteenth time. You need to be the drill sergeant that makes the geeky guy do fifty push-ups an hour because he isn’t bulky enough. You need to be the dom who whips his sub becau– okay let’s not go too far with this.

The point is that you need to push yourself and be tough as nails.


Because everyone needs a coach. Everyone needs someone who will kick their ass in gear when they’re slacking off. Writers need someone like this even more so. Unfortunately not everyone has this much needed ‘coach’. So you have to be your own coach.

You need to see the potential in yourself. See what you can become and push yourself to become that. Be the kind of writer you admire by forcing yourself to take responsibility for your actions.

And if you’re still not good enough by your own standards after that? Strive to be better. You should constantly strive to be better and do more. Build your way up to success, don’t just dream of it!


They say that we’re all our own worst critic, so use that to your advantage. Push yourself beyond your limits until you break through that wall that separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Sure it’ll be tough, but you’ll have to develop thick skin at some point anyway. As someone who does creative work and puts it in front of the eyes of many other people, you need to be ready to take crap from everyone. You can’t make it in this industry if you’re a special snowflake with delicate feelings.

Man the fuck up!

Nobody is going to hold your hand through all of this. You need to have a thick skin and the best way to develop one is to be hard on yourself. If you don’t, everyone else in this business will eat you alive, and you’ll probably deserve it.

Writing is fun, creative, exciting, and free. You should have fun with it and enjoy it as much as you can. But if you ever want to make a living from your writing or see success in any tangible way, you’ll also have to take it seriously.

You’re not a child living in a fantasy anymore. You’re a writer in the real world. The real world is cold and tough. You can’t live with your head in the clouds.

Take your writing seriously and take yourself (as a writer) seriously.

As I always say:

“If you treat it like a hobby, it will always be a hobby. If you treat it like a career, it will become your career.”


So be hard on yourself. It might mean the difference between failure and success.


What Do You Do To Motivate Yourself?

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