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About The Uncensored Writer


The Uncensored Writer was founded by Vian De Bod as a place where writers can learn to improve their craft while remaining true to themselves.

The goals of The Uncensored Writer is to educate writers on how to improve their writing abilities, but to also ensure that they do not lose themselves.

It is too easy to write what you think others want to read.

Whilst there is noting wrong with this, many writers end up giving up their own values and morals in order to do so. This is what TUW fights against.

Writing is not only a technical skill, it is a passion. It is an art-form. It is, for many, a way of life. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your craft, one must ensure that you do not poison the well with things like greed or excessive pandering.

Here at TUW, I strive to give practical advice (mixed with some humor), a database of resources, as well as a selection of opinion pieces and personal stories.  I believe that absorbing such a mixture of content is a optimal way to improve your skills.

While I encourage the improvement of one’s skill, there is one message I strive to deliver to all my readers.

Do Not Censor Yourself Or Your Work

What this means is that a writer should have his/her own voice that rings true to themselves. You can still avoid saying certain things as long as it doesn’t compromise your voice or your work. To allow it to affect these two aspects, can be fatally dangerous to your “inner writer”.

What this “non-censoring stance” also means is that this blog allows cursing and graphic language. If you are unhappy with that or if it offends you, please refrain from reading the content.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please feel free to explore the site! We hope you enjoy your time here!

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